Thursday, June 4, 2015

High In The Clouds With My Dad

Rocky Mountain Air Show, Thunderbirds

Last Sunday I rode my bike to Aurora Reservoir for a little workout. As I came over a hill I saw thousands of spectators watching the Rocky Mountain Air Show. It was quite a spectacle!

Air Force, Thunderbirds

The Air Force Thunderbirds amazed everyone with their precision aerials. It was thunderously loud and exciting! I got off the bike and watched the show.

World War II, Korean War

Riding home from the dam my mind drifted to memories of my dad and his passion for aviation. He was a pilot in the Army Air Corps in World War II, and later during the Korean War he flew for the Air Force in Germany. He loved flying and continued after the war to work in corporate and spray activities around the country.  He would have loved watching the Thunderbirds today!


An image of my dad kneeling down with his buddies at flight school.

Holland, C-119 cargo plane

My dad, on the left, during a briefing with a British officer during the great Holland flood in 1952. Dad flew his C-119 cargo plane for air drops in Holland.


Dad’s formation of C-119’s over France.

Later in life my dad worked for a large company specializing in aerial spraying with government and state contracts.  He is shown working on spray units of his C-82 in Northern California.

My dad is on the right, looking cool with his Ray Bans and a cigar, his classic look. With Father’s Day approaching this month, I wish I could talk to him about his experiences “high in the clouds.”

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