Thursday, July 30, 2015

Blissed Out

massage, Bali, Royal Pita Maha Hotel

The masseuse at my athletic club was working on my sore legs from a long workout. I drifted to a blissful state of consciousness as her expert hands, the music and the exotic scent of the massage oil transported me far, far away to a favorite spa treatment memory of long ago.  Marla and I were on a Wesco Fabrics’ buying trip in Bali and scheduled a couples massage at the Pita Maha Hotel outside of Ubud, after sourcing furniture all day. It was a totally transforming experience which we both treasure to this day!

beach massage, Thailand

spa, Swedish massage, Thai massage

I love a great massage whether in a beautifully designed spa or a simple treatment on a beach in Asia.  Almost all of the islands in Thailand have small beachside massage concessions. For about $8 an hour you can have a very nice treatment with either Swedish style with oil or a dry traditional Thai massage. A bonus is the views you can have while the masseuse works on your muscles!

Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai, mountain bike

A favorite massage memory was during a buying trip in Northern Thailand. It was Thanksgiving Day, and we took the day off from working with our furniture sources in Chiang Mai. I rented a mountain bike and rode through small villages, visited Buddhist temples and a jungle park with waterfalls. Going around a turn a bit too fast I almost ran smack into an elephant and a mahout. I was pooped when I got back to the hotel and splurged for a 2 hour massage. Decadent and delicious!

Bali, Wesco Fabarics, Sayan Ridge, Ubud, Kirana Spa

Marla and I have hosted 3 trips to Bali with Wesco Fabrics’ designers over the years. We always stay at least part of the time at the Royal Pita Maha Resort on the Sayan Ridge outside of Ubud. Kirana Spa adjoins the hotel and is beautifully designed. This is the entrance to the spa.

Amari Vogue Spa, Krabi, Thailand

Last year we stayed at the Amari Vogue Resort in Krabi Thailand. You can probably guess where I spent most of my time….in their wonderful spa!

***When is the last time you treated yourself to something totally unique?
This is a great video showing the Royal Pita Maha Resort in Bali and the Kirana Spa.

***We hope to return for Nyepi, The Balinese New Year in 2016. Who wants to go?

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