Friday, October 30, 2015

Bad Cold & Rock and Roll

  Bad Cold and Rock & Roll

I was taking it easy on Sunday with a terrible cold and thought it would be a great time to watch some concert videos I recorded. Glastonbury is one of the largest multi-day concerts in the world with up to 175,000 in attendance.  The music festival began in 1970 near Pilton, Somerset, England. Most of the concert goers camp out and watch a diverse line-up of performers over the 5 day affair. It is a wild & crazy scene! 

This is like Woodstock all over again! Some concert goers had to park over 10 miles and wait in line at the entrance gate for hours.

Even though the crowd is made up primarily of "Millennials" age 35 to 15, the biggest turnout was for Lionel Richie! With almost 80 acts to see the fans had much to be happy about. Florence & The Machine is a favorite of ours!

Take a look at these links to get a feel for the amazing Glastonbury Festival.

Florence & The Machine

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