Friday, October 23, 2015

The best of The Best Of The Best

The Best of the Best,

I’m working on a new updated version of our “Best Of The Best” sample book of national best-selling fabrics. This has been a huge hit with designers throughout the U.S. highlighting our greatest fabrics in one book. It has been fun and illuminating to go over pages of data regarding sales and inventory. Our new version of greatest hits will undoubtedly look different with new patterns and colors. A few of the original patterns still sell fabulously and may be included. 

Diamond Anniversary, silk shantung, silk organza

Diamond Anniversary, silk shantung, silk organza

Pattern “Diamond Anniversary, color Bronze” is the number one best seller in dollars sold. The fabric is a 100% silk shantung with a diamond embroidered strip of velvet. This installation shows a stylish cut edge application and an embroidered silk organza border. The look is sophisticated and elegant! It retails for $149.98 per yard.

Intoxicating, embroidery, velvet

Intoxicating, velvet, embroidery

Pattern “Intoxicating, color Reggae” is second in total dollars sold from “The Best Of The Best” collection.  The top image shows a close up detail of the embroidered and appliqued velvet design on the 100% silk shantung fabric. The image below shows how the vertical stripe is laid out. This stunner is $159.98 retail.

Howard, Reiner

Since “The Best Of The Best” was released pattern “Howard, color Red Gold”, shown at the bottom, sold the most yardage! Retailing at $44.98, it has a coordinated great selling design, “Reiner, color Red Gold, which retails for $50.98 per yard.

In our search for a name for this upcoming book, our website designer suggested, “Goodest of the Goodest”.  We now laughingly refer to it as our “Goodest” book. 

The project has been a real colorful eye-opener! 

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