Friday, November 6, 2015


The kid on the right may not look like it, but he was always pushing boundaries, getting into assorted mischief, and often exploring areas off limits by his Mom. It wasn't that he sought danger. He just loved discovering new & interesting places. Yes, that was me. From my earliest memories I have been a Seeker.

.My great-grandfather was a sea captain who traveled the world and a great-uncle was a polymath, with eclectic, wide ranging interests. My father was a pilot who flew in Europe & Africa. They were definitely seekers.  Some of this family history must have rubbed off in my DNA, but it was my wife Marla who pushed me to be less fearful and to be  more adventurous. 

I have been on an ongoing spiritual and educational quest most of my life. It is an amazing journey.

To have a career in the creative arena of Wesco Fabrics has been an adventure in itself. 

It is rare to often be able to combine vocation with avocation.

Seekers often find themselves in alien and uncomfortable environments with no roadmap other than instinct and a feeling there is something fascinating around the corner.

The journey has days of radiant clarity along with moments of existential fog.

Whatever the future may bring I am blessed to have a fellow traveler by my side, a true Seeker in every way.

I'd love to hear about your quests.

Images: Dick Gentry

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  1. I just love your blog Dick! I hope you are somewhere warm right now as it is snowing here in Denver area!