Friday, November 27, 2015


With Christmas & the Holiday Season arriving soon I was thinking about all the stuff under the tree. We like stuff! The new Fitbit & the iPad are pretty cool! You will look great in that new sweater. A brand new big screen TV? Well now you are spoiling me! I would be totally disingenuous if I told you I didn't look at all those Black Friday ads, or if I didn't want everyone to have new window coverings from Wesco Fabrics. Things can make us & our homes look beautiful, and Masterpiece Theatre would look wonderful on a 4K TV,...but maybe it is time to give more unique & personalized gifts this year!

How about creating a book of images & text to chronicle the past year. The memories will last forever. 

A gift of travel for a love one would be the perfect Christmas gift! Studies show experiences make us much happier than receiving more stuff.  In the months ahead I will post on destinations, close by & far away.  Travel experiences will bring us new insights, tastes, sounds & smells, which will be seared in our memories, forever to be treasured. Stay tuned.

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