Friday, December 4, 2015


As a small boy I loved seeing what was in my Christmas stocking. It was often some candy, Christmas cookies, or a small toy. With the Holidays approaching I've been thinking about what I would love to see in my stocking. I know I am wishing for a lot, but I used to do the same thing as a boy. I'll start with my first Christmas stocking wish of going to a place with warm sea and a soft & sandy beach.

I wish for  trips of transformative exploration with Marla.

A pastry or ice cream shop anywhere. Of course France & Italy would be nice.

I  wish for friendship.

I wish for fun moments with my grandsons.

I wish for breakfast with a view.

I wish for beauty and illuminating experiences.

I wish to take new paths of discovery.

I wish to experience fabulous dinners with our daughters. Was the check just pushed over to me?

I wish to see more fantastic sunsets. Of course seeing them in Bali or Thailand would be nice!

i wish for more cups of coffee with Marla in outdoor cafes.

I wish to observe wonderment, like with this small boy during Nyepi in Bali.

And like always, I wish for beautiful roads to cycle on, especially in Italy & France.

No matter what is in our Christmas stockings this year, we do wish for peace & happiness.

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  1. New site! Very fancy. I think your stocking will be full of fun things for 2016. This was great.