Thursday, December 31, 2015


2015 was a wonderful year of being with our family, working at Wesco Fabrics, and exciting travel memories. Editing my favorite images was really tough, but I'll share a few very special 2015 moments. We began the year with a visit to amazing Istanbul in January. The Blue Mosque shown above, The Hagia Sofia, & the Basilica Cistern were fabulous!

We took Vaughan to San Francisco for his "9 Year Old Trip." He loved the Lawrence Hall of Science in the Berkeley hills. He has a look of joy on the Powell Street Cable Car!

Having lunch with my Mom and brother Gary at Scoma's in Sausalito was great!

There is nothing better than having fun with the Girls!

The perfect 2015 Saturday is breakfast at the Dining Hall in Boulder's Chautauqua Park and a hike afterwards.

A 2015 highlight is spending time with our wonderful girls!

I always LOVE hanging out with my Boys!

Vail was a special treat!

Cycling in Umbria & Tuscany was an incredible adventure of steep hills, tasty local cuisine, and fine wines.

Nothing better than holding hands at Taormina Sicily's Hotel Ashbee's St. George restaurant!

Taking a dip in the clear, warm waters of the Ionian Sea at the Lido La Pigna Beach Club in Mazzaro, Taormina Sicily.

I am blessed to be working at Wesco Fabrics. We presented a line showing of new fabrics in our showroom.

Being with our family for Stephen & Brian's wedding in Dallas was a very special event!

A wonderful moment on the porch! 

I wish you all a fabulous HAPPY NEW YEAR! May the year bring happiness, good health, prosperity, and transformative travels, both near and far! I will spend more time SAVORING the NOW! 

Images: Dick Gentry

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