Friday, January 29, 2016


I celebrated a birthday this week. I am always grateful for such occasions as it is an event for raising a glass,...and a time for reflection. When I look at these old photographs of me as a 2 year old in Oakland , California, I say "Who is that kid?" I was always curious and picking up rocks, wood, or anything with a sparkle. I haven't changed much in that regard.

Looking at way back then and now is an amazing journey! I still can't fathom where all the years have gone.  There has been adventure, discovery, serendipitous events, joy, some tears, fabulous sunsets, introspection, personal evolution, ...and change,...always change! There has been hundreds of Italian dinners, the sometimes loneliness of the long distance runner & cyclist, kisses & hugs, and the love of my family. I strived and tried my best to achieve when I was that young boy,.... and I still do the same today at Wesco Fabrics. And,...I still pick up pretty rocks!

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