Friday, February 12, 2016


Conquering difficult adversity in one's life can often result in a transformative epiphany. It happened to Marla, and soon Carpe Diem became her mantra. She was ready to live life and experience the world in a bold way. In 1997 remnants of the Khmer Rouge guerrillas were still launching deadly attacks on foreigners in the Cambodian provinces... and of course this was the year when she said "We have to go." I still remember my fear when flying up to Siem Reap on a rickety Air Cambodge plane. Marla smiled with joy the whole trip!

In 1997 we saw very few foreign visitors, and zero Americans to the temples of Angkor. We had the Ta Prohm temple all to ourselves...except for a soldier with an AK47.

After Cambodia our travels became more diverse. While staying at a camp in Kenya's Masai Mara, Marla wanted to take a hot air balloon ride. I truly have a fear of heights, but Marla said she was going with or without me. I came along.....very reluctantly,....but very happy I did. Maybe I was beginning to have an epiphany of my own! 

We had a hard landing and the basket overturned,...but we landed! I really wanted to kiss the ground, but had to keep up my facade. 

I wanted to show Marla I could be adventurous as well so I booked a flight from our camp to Lake Victoria. A single engine plane landed on the dirt airstrip to pick us up with a pilot I swore was no older than 18! We took a small boat to visit a Luo village on the Lake. Foreigners were quite rare so the whole village came out to greet us! Marla was a real hit with the kids!

The Masai women were beautiful! Their jewelry was amazing!

I'll never forget this image of a shy Masai boy peeking out the door of his hut.

On a trip to Chiang Rai, Thailand I booked a long tail boat I found by the river for an hour ride up near the Myanmar border. The boatman spoke zero English so It was hand signals all the way. As we landed at a small village on the river it dawned on me if something happened to us, no one would have a clue where we were! Marla smiled the whole way!

We seize the day at an Ogoh Ogoh parade in Kedewatan, Bali, the day before Nyepi, the Balinese New Year. This is a day of silence and reflection on an island completely shut down; even the airport and roads are closed. We will go back again soon.
May 2016 be a year of bold transformation for you as well!

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