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Our first sales incentive trip was for the Wesco Fabrics' sales team. Steve and Glynda Beard earned this trip to Waikiki in the late 1970's.

We began sales incentive trips for high dollar producing clients in 1986. Joline Weiss & her daughter, Lora Carlile, on a cruise to the Mexican Riviera.

I'm schmoozing with Marla's sister Sharon, & her husband, Joe Rittgers who worked at Wesco Fabrics at that time.

Joline joins Betty & Art Fried from Oshkosh, Wisconsin on the cruise.They were one of our very best customers in the U.S. at the time.

In the early 1990's Marla (polka-dot dress) & I hosted an incentive trip for top Levolor customers in Hawaii. "Time to start the Mai Tais!"

Marla wanted our customer  incentive trips to be educational, so we included many talks on local culture, customs, Arts, and area religion on our trips. Our first really big adventure was to Thailand in early 2004. We took a boat to the famous "James Bond Island"near Phuket,Thailand. 

I gave away silk scarves to our guests at our last night dinner in Bangkok.

We hosted a small but very fun group to France in late 2004. We stayed at Chateau de la Flocelliere in the Vendee region of France. The Chateau began in the 11th century. The owners, Vicomte & Vicomtesse Vignial, were amazing hosts.

 L-R: Beth & Ed Parent, Marla, the owner of a chateau we toured, Joe & Nancy Galas. 

One night at the chateau we had a medieval dinner with period costumes, food & drinks. We were even escorted to our rooms by candlelight!

Our first sales incentive trip to Bali in 2005. The unique culture, people, and the beauty of the island was transformative for all our guests. This is in front of one of my favorite Italian restaurants (You knew I would find Italian restaurants everywhere we went!) La Lucciola, in Bali.

Our 2005 group dinner in Ubud.

On the left is Marla and our guide in 2006 on an incentive trip to Thailand. Everyone loved the Grand Palace in Bangkok!

I arranged a tour of one of Wesco Fabrics' textile mills outside of Bangkok in 2006. This building was called the "Spider."

Bob Cotton on the right was a Wesco Fabrics' sales rep and a customer in the Boston Area. They loved riding elephants up to a Hill Tribe village north of Chiang Mai.

 In 2007 we hosted another big group to Bali. It was fabulous as always! 

Marla leads part of our group visiting the Goa Gajah Temple in Bali.

Marla and I flew from the 2007 incentive trip in Bali to Hawaii to connect with another group of our customers. 

The largest Wesco Fabrics incentive trip was to Cannes, France, with our 2008 group. Wesco sales reps, Steve Beard, Lori Conway, and Katrina Brossia, joined their very best customers on this trip to the French Riviera.

Steve Beard schmoozes with our customers in Cannes.

Our 2009 group assembles in our hotel in Bangkok. After Bangkok we flew to the island of Koh Samui, and then to Singapore. Everyone loved riding elephants on Koh Samui!

It took a few trips to get all on our chartered two masted schooner (in the background) for an evening cruise around Koh Samui. Simply amazing!

Denver designer Roger Bailey, Marla, Dick, and Bonnie Buccola from Upland CA, were part of our 2010 Bali group at the wonderful Royal Pita Maha Resort near Ubud.

Marla leads some of our 2010 group on a hike on the beautiful ridge trail outside of Ubud Bali.

Our first night's dinner in Positano Italy on our wonderful 2011 sales incentive trip.

We loved dining at la Tagliata in Montepertuso above Positano Italy on our 2011 trip.

Everyone felt like true jet-setters at the La Fontelina Beach Club on Capri.

We hosted a group to Napa Valley in 2012. I never knew Steve Beard drank anything but "Wild Turkey." This was at the beautiful Castello di Amarosa in Calistoga.

Images: Dick Gentry

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