Friday, July 29, 2016


We had a long hard day on the bike, riding from Lugano to Lake Como with our Experience Plus tour group. While on the ferry from Cadenabbia we could see the beautiful village of Bellagio and the imposing Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni in the distance.

After checking into our hotel, Philippe and I walked over to the Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni to look around. As you can tell it is nothing short of beautiful! Philippe said, "Listen Dick, we've cycled very hard for the past 5 days and I think we need a wonderful dinner tonight as a reward. I made a reservation for us here for tomorrow night and... it's my treat." Well what do you say to that?

The hotel was originally a private holiday villa built for an aristocratic Milanese family in 1852.

One can immediately sense an air of refinement as we entered the hotel.

Our reservation was at the formal Michelin starred "Mistral" restaurant. Musicians played soothing dinner music in the background.

The menu was a fascinating display of culinary artistry with some rather interesting modern "Molecular" set menus as well as ala carte dishes. We ordered a great bottle of Nebbiollo from Valtellina and relaxed, looking out at the fabulous views of the lake. We both wished our wives were there with us! Philippe said, "Dick we must bring Marla and Kathy here next year!"

Black truffles were in season so this was an obvious choice for the starter. It was a wonderful treat shaved on top of delicate pasta. 

I found veal chops on the menu so I ordered the La Costoletta Di Vitello Al Burro E Salvia Cipolla Fondente E Pomodori Al Forno. The presentation was fabulous. Look at the two Youtube videos for an idea.

I usually don't use much salt, but when I saw the large pink salt crystals I of course had to have them shaved on the veal! Of yes,...the dinner was sublime!

What a fabulous evening to celebrate our last night in Bellagio. It is called "the Pearl of the Lake" for a reason! One last ride in the morning from Bellagio to the town of Como. It has been a really great week in the incredible Italian Lake District. I love combining cycling, beautiful scenery with great regional cuisine &  wines!

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