Friday, August 19, 2016


Over the years Marla and I have been on a quest for beautiful fabrics for Wesco Fabrics around the globe. When we opened our Denver Design District showroom 25 years ago we began the hunt to directly source fabulous furniture & accessories, first in Japan, then to France, Holland, Indonesia, Burma, Laos, and Thailand. 

Next week we celebrate two events, our 70th Wesco Fabrics Anniversary and the arrival of two containers! On Wednesday, August 24th, designers can purchase our latest finds at LESS 40% LESS 25%!!! Please drop by our 4001 Forest Street Denver warehouse, 9 - 4pm, to raise a glass of anniversary Champagne and check out our newest arrivals. I think it is our most exciting ever!

We would love to see you!

The journey to find the unique has always been an adventure! I have always felt there were treasures to be found even in the most unusual places. 

Acacia wood consoles and numerous cocktail tables.

Slab tables, teak platters, and decorated rice baskets.

I love our Lychee Wood cocktail tables with burnt edges! We have lots of polished petrified wood as well!

We haven't had teak root furniture in a few years, so we were happy to find more on our last trip! I love these teak root console tables!

Our polished petrified wood tables are from the Miocene Period and are approximately 20,000,000 years old!

We have fabulous console tables in Acacia, Tamarind, Teak and beautiful Merbau Wood.

We have so many fabulous pieces on these two containers!

We found incredible stone carvings near Batubulan Village in Bali.

I have a passion for the thrill of the hunt! You never know what you'll find!

All of our sourcing adventures have been exciting and transformative. We have met so many interesting people along the way and have learned so much about diverse cultures. Every item of furniture and accessories has a special story to tell and speaks to our design aesthetic. I hope you will have a chance to come by soon.

***This YouTube will give a preview of our assortment.

Images: Dick Gentry, Wesco Fabrics

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  1. Some of the wood pieces here are truly amazing. It's wonderful to see how the grain on some of the units shines through. Definitely a bit of handiwork that's worth its salt.