Friday, September 30, 2016


We traveled to Sedona for the wedding of our niece, Kerri last weekend. The town was packed with tourists from around the world enjoying pleasant fall weather and the sight of the beautiful red buttes. There is a certain magic to Sedona which draws millions of travelers to the beauty and the energy of the area.

In the 1950's, Sedona, became a favorite place to film westerns, like this 1954 Nicholas Ray film, Johnny Guitar. My dad loved westerns, and I am sure he saw this film.

Our daughter Lisa joined us for some boutique shopping in the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village. The area reminds me of similar boutique developments in Carmel or Laguna Beach.

Marla really isn't that elitist,......she just likes the company of smart people!

Diana, a friend from high school, recommended The Hudson for lunch.....wonderful food and spectacular views!

Their roasted beet salad just knocked off Marla's Palisade Peach & tomato salad creation down to number two of my favorite salads of the year! Totally amazing and what a view from their deck!

Marla and Lisa await the wedding ceremony.

The bride was resplendent and her new husband very handsome! It was a fairy tale wedding!

Lisa looks beautiful at the reception! Kerri worked for months preparing for the event.

One thing you immediately notice on a trip to Sedona are all the New Age shops filled with crystals promising spiritual growth and enhanced health. 

I was like a kid in a candy store with all the amazingly beautiful crystals! We have oodles of new crystal specimens in our Wesco Fabrics' Denver showroom

You see numerous advertisements like these in stores in town. After all the Cabernet I enjoyed at the wedding reception the night before, was obvious my chakras were totally blocked! I was ready for some "Tibetan Sound Healing",......"just not too loud please!"

Our niece Jodi said we all had to visit an energy Vortex! I chose the Bell Rock Vortex, so we all headed to the trailhead for a hike to seek some energy enlightenment.

Marla found her special place on the rock to experience the energy vortex. It was a sensational day and I did feel something whirling around. It may have been the wind...or possibly something more indescribable.

We we were in our own cowboy movie on Bell rock.

Spirit stones from previous guests at the Bell Rock Vortex.

We really had a grand time on our Sedona visit and can readily see why so many travelers come here year after year! I'm looking forward to a return visit!

***Johnny Guitar as filmed in Sedona.

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