Friday, October 21, 2016


I'm planning a future Hawaii trip to connect with family members around the country for some BIG ISLAND birthday celebrations! You can tell my Mom found her "Aloha" spirit on her last trip.

I can't wait to see my brother Gary with his son Kekoa, his daughter Marlena, and new granddaughter Nautilus.

Marla has worked super hard this year and she will be ready for Big Island sunsets and Mai Tais! 

 This will be a time to forge new family memories.

A time to see the girls and the boys. "Anyone for Maui Chips?"

Favorites of mine are classic places like Suisan fish market on the Hilo side of the Island. A place for "Broke da mouth grindz." (Local slang for great food.)  "Poke anyone?"

 I want to get into Hawaii time and just be with the vibe!

 Nothing better than visiting Akaka Falls or the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden.

 I'm ready for funky storefront towns like Honomu.

 Let's visit a farmer's market and buy some fragrant Plumeria, colorful Hibiscus, and a few orchids,...just because.

Historic Hilo has great "plate lunches" usually featuring Spam.

There is nothing better than hitting the beach before anyone! Well,...almost anyone. I see two of our grandsons in the sand!

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