Friday, November 11, 2016


10 miles north of Hilo on the Big Island of Hawaii, is the fabulous Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden.  We were really lucky not to have rain on the day of our visit so we didn't need to use these giant leaves for an umbrella. 

An intensely colorful gecko welcomed us as we started our descent down the path into the jungle below. The path is steep, so the gardens accommodate visitors having trouble coming back up the hill with an electric cart ride for a small fee.

This is the lush, green, and incredibly photographic side of the island, known for high rainfall, amazing waterfalls and jungle rainforests. Many visitors to the Big Island stay on the drier Kona Coast and miss seeing the verdant beauty found on the Hilo side. We had never visited the gardens before, and we were all excited to see it.

This fabulous bloom is called the "Cat's Whisker or Java Tea.

The guys really loved the red Heliconia behind them.

Beautiful orchids were everywhere.

The flower on this "Pink Quill Bromeliad" is unbelievably exotic.

It's a jungle out there!

The Mednilla or Chandelier Tree, is vibrantly colorful.

One of the most unusual flowers on our visit was this "Rose Grape", originally from the Philippines.

the "Black Bat Plant", or Tacca Chantrieri, is originally from Malaysia.

Red Indonesian Ginger pokes up in all it's radiance from the jungle floor.

We are on our way to the water fall at the bottom of the lush valley. Kate is attempting a short cut.

There were just too many amazingly flowers to pick a favorite, but the "Blue Ginger" has a wonderful color.  Don't you agree?

Orchids and more beautiful orchids in an amazing array of colors? There are hundreds of varieties here!

Bright red blooms of the "Tahitian Ginger".

Owen is smelling the very faint scent of this orchid spray.  I hope to come again someday and spend more time enjoying this natural splendor. This is a photographers paradise!

***Check out the YouTube video of the gardens.

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  1. Thanks Dick - this was a much needed reminder of the beauty that still surrounds us!