Friday, December 16, 2016


The final selections are in for Dick's 2016 Hall of Fame. There were many deserving candidates this year but in my final edit a few stars were definitely shining brightly! Number one on my 2016 list is Marla Gentry. She excelled at inspiring at home and at Wesco Fabrics, keeping-the-lid-on even when the water was boiling over, being our guide and beacon as we traveled on often uncharted waters. When others were out of sync she helped get the wheels back on the track. She was undaunted in her quest for positive transformation.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is a SUPERSTAR! He is a composer, lyricist, a performer, and a MacArthur Fellow. His musical "Hamilton" is a "life-changing" hit and destined for galactic success! His star will only glow brighter! Check out his video at the bottom!

I've lived in a world of beautiful, smart, and strong women, my whole life. This environment has helped me grow and evolve on such an enriching level! I love it! Of course these ladies made my 2016 Hall Of Fame. 

My favorite 2016 movie showcasing the beautiful journey of a strong-willed woman is Moana. Who wrote much of the music? It was none other than Lin-Manuel Miranda.

I'm drawn to powerful female actors and this year brought out great films to display their genius. Top left: Amy Adams in "Arrival." Top right: Emma Stone in "La La Land." Bottom left: Natalie Portman in "Jackie." Botton right: Jessica Chastain in "Miss Soane."

For 2016 my favorite versatile and powerful actor is Benedict Cumberbatch. He gave us the enigmatic "Sherlock" and the frenetic "Doctor Strange."

2016 saw the formation of  Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Dr. Priscilla Chan will donate 3 billion dollars in the next 10 years  advancing human potential, and equal opportunity. The big goal: "Helping cure, prevent, or manage all diseases in our children's lifetime." This will be a very big deal!

Bill and Melinda Gates have already given over 10 billion+ dollars to their foundation supporting initiatives in health, education and community giving. The big health focus has been fighting AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. Bill and some friends just donated 1 billion dollars to develop clean energy technologies to help fight climate change.

There were so many amazing performances in this year's Rio Olympics. The top star for me was the multi-talented gymnast, Simone Biles.

My favorite Track & Field performance in RIO was Matthew Centrowitz in the 1500 meter final. Simply stupendous!

Rio's top swimming performer was Katie Ledecky. She was the the star on the amazing U.S. Women's Swim Team! Remember her name as you will hear for year's to come!

The Obamas shined brightly in 2016 even as they prepare toward new adventures. The President endured and overcame overt racism, Congressional obstruction at every turn, and so much more these past eight years. They brought grace, honesty, and a real sense of style, to the White House. We will miss them! As the boy in the movie "Shane" said, "Come back!"

***This is a really nice video showcasing the genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Images: Dick Gentry, Vanity Fair Magazine,, NBC Olympics, Fashionista, Walt Disney, Seattle Times, Shoes post, CNN, NYTimes, Youtube, BBC

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