Tuesday, December 27, 2016


"Changes," that great David Bowie song was stuck in my head this afternoon. All of us will be facing "Changes," and the New Year ahead will present many choices for us. We may come to crossroads where decisions must be made. Do we actively plan for the best road to take, or do we just go with the flow, taking the route "that just feels right at the time?" Are there signs we should follow to take us to our correct destination? 
"Oh my",...another end-of-the-year life planning project!

I am contemplating and envisioning what I would like 2017 to look like. A glass of a very good wine assists me in this process!

We will be fearless even in the company of dragons!

I will assist in the transformation of Wesco Fabrics in 2017. We must be agile, adaptive, and quick to grasp opportunities.

We will do DNA testing in 2017 to obtain health reports, ancestral and genealogical information. This will be an exciting project in self-discovery! 

2017 will be a year to mentor and help others with their creative endeavors.

In 2017 I will complete more photo books chronicling family activities of past years.

I will get up very early, grab a coffee, and seize the day wherever I am!

2017 will be a year of new discoveries on my bike.

I will do my best to make my "fans" proud of me!

Together, we will travel 2017 routes of positive change.  We're planning on it!

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