Friday, February 24, 2017


 We are celebrating Marla's birthday this week. She hates when I blog about these things, but I felt compelled to share what I find so interesting about this woman. Marla is unique in a myriad of ways but her passion for truth, justice, and high ideals, has always fascinated me. In some ways she is like a chameleon, soft and gentle, as well as principled and tough. She is always striving to be her best self. 

 She is always willing to take on the toughest tasks!

 Marla is smart and great with math just like her Dad.

 She is a nurturer with everyone in her family.

 Mar has always been a lifelong student, whether close to home or far away.

What a fantastic ambassador she would be! 

 She is the perfect person to enjoy a long romantic evening with!

 Being a 23 year year stage 4 cancer survivor has definitely formed and refined her character and view of the world. After over a year of multiple surgeries, stem cell transplant, high dose chemo, and radiation treatments, she wanted to explore the world with a sense of carpe diem! This was a trip to Thailand just after her doctors gave her the OK to travel abroad.

She loves immersion in unique countries and culture.

She is an adventurer!

She is at home wherever she goes.

Marla has the unique ability to look like she just got off a mega yacht during the Cannes boat show!

She cracks me up with her sense of humor,...and obviously, Paxton as well!

She would rather sit on her deck and watch a sunset than almost anything!

Thank you for letting me gush a little about the woman I love.


Images: Dick Gentry


  1. What a wonderful post, Dick! Marla is an amazing woman and you two are so lucky to have the incredible relationship that is so evident in what you say about her and when I see you two together! Treasure each other always.

  2. Dick, Such a lovely post! The love and passion between you two is obvious and I believe that is what makes Marla so beautiful. What a blessing you both are to the world! Thank you for sharing