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I was reminiscing about the end of my quest to find fabulous treasures for Wesco Fabrics. It has been an amazing and transformative adventure to find fabrics and furniture for our company over the years! My attitude brightened when I received this sweet email from a designer in Summit County. Well, who knows, maybe I'll take people on buying trips to Thailand and Bali in the future. Never say never! 
Any ideas are welcome! I can always use a brainstorm or two!

"On another note just feeling so sad that my favorite FIND the coolest stuff will be a memory. I honestly can say I have never seen such a keen eye and collection of "I'll take it ALL" anywhere, any continent. You are a gift to every designer and will be so missed. I secretly hope you will continue adventures in buying, maybe even together with me? Was always a dream of mine that kind of got me into design. Funny how the path changes over time.
Very excited for you and Marla to have time to explore each other again and share the fruits of your labors. You deserve it! Please let me know if you are in Summit.....would love to cook you guys a meal! Xoxo H"

Our quest for fabulous treasures has taken us to brocante dealers in France and Holland, antique & home furnishing markets in Paris, Strasbourg, and Brussels. We've traveled the globe searching for beautiful decorative fabrics.  Thailand and Bali are among our favorite places as we have made 24 trips filling containers with beautiful products. 
I'm checking out some fabulous Burmese gong carriers in Northern Thailand.

Often some of our greatest discoveries were in the most unglamorous of places. Marla is finalizing an order for some slab tables in Bali.

I have always loved shopping the Marche aux Puces St.-Ouen de Clignancourt. We would go in January before our Heimtextil trade fair in Frankfurt. Our mission was to source vintage posters which we sold in our Denver showroom for years.

At a woodcarver in Chiang Mai.

This is Marla back in the day at a Japanese antique supplier near Lake Biwa. For many years we sold Japanese tansu chests and antiques in our showroom.

I purchased both of these vintage teak beds from Madura Island off the coast of Java.

Marla and I found this vintage Burmese altar many years ago in Northern Thailand.  Marla would like to donate it to a museum as it is quite unique.

I'm finalizing an order of modern style furniture from Malaysia at a furniture show in Singapore.

Shopping for hilltribe textiles in Laos.

This is my favorite resource for modern wood furniture in Thailand.

Working at a textile mill in Shaoxing China.

We love stone carvings from Bali! This is like a wonderland of sculptures!

The souks in Marrakech are amazing! We found fabulous vintage Berber textiles. We love just wandering and getting lost in the labyrinth.

This is nirvana for me! I love weekend markets in Chiang Mai!

Our favorite Bali resources are masters of repurposing old wood into something amazing! 

I never underestimate a resource as you never know what they have on any given day! I found really fabulous small teak side tables here. They had 20 tucked in the corner of this mess, and I bargained for all of them while hoping the piles or roof wouldn't collapse!

I explored some dark alleys off Hollywood Road in Hong Kong. Can't believe how quickly the time has flown

At one time I was really obsessed with finding vintage posters for our showroom. 

We bought this group of unique Burmese sculptures.

Lingering around a very interesting artisan workshop near Chiang Mai. They specialized in very large scale furniture, perfect for commercial design projects.

It was always like Christmas when our containers arrived and were offloaded! Of course, we'll miss the excitement of finding fabulous treasures. 
Who knows, maybe you'll join us on a buying adventure in the future.

From a dying lotus, a new bloom grows.

Thank you for joining us on our visual tour.
 Please contact me if you have questions, ideas, or thoughts:

IMAGES: Dick Gentry

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