Friday, February 10, 2017


Stanley Marketplace is hot right now and will be RED HOT when all 54 of the new restaurants and stores are open! They are located in the old Stanley Aviation building at 2501 Dallas Street in Aurora Colorado, an area of town once neglected.  It is just south of the Stapleton residential area. For many years Stanley made aircraft ejection seats and other aviation technologies. The 140,000 square building will be home to 54 businesses, with 15 being brand-new enterprises. Denver has been a leader in adaptive reuse projects such as "The Source" in RINO, "Denver Central Market" on Larimer, and Avanti Food & Beverage in Highlands. This is the most interesting project on the scene. I've made four visits and each week there is something new and exciting happening! You should definitely check it out!

If you like "Comida" at "The Source", you'll love "Comida" at the Stanley Marketplace! Marla checks out the vibrant graphics at the entrance. They offer inspired Mexican street food. Very good indeed!

All we can say is ..."YUMM!"

Comida is already attracting lots of visitors, and many are becoming regulars!

The "Stanley Beer Hall" features 30 beer taps of Colorado and California brews along with an interesting menu.

Let the kiddies play on the cows in the front while you buy something delish at "Sweet Cow."

"Annette" just opened last week and it will be on our "go" list for sure. Read this super article about Caroline Glover, Annette's owner and chef, in the latest issue of Westword Magazine

Chef Glover was busy at lunch this week. She is totally hands-on and very creative!

The look of "Annette."

"Cheluna Brewing" is a microbrewery and tap room opening soon.

For a quick and healthy lunch try "Yellow Belly." They feature tasty chicken and vegetable preparations. We've been back twice already!

"Sterre" is a hip and cool clothing boutique. Marla checked out a sweater.

"Goose & Goat Shoes and Accessories" just opened on the first floor. I love how they re-purposed a trailer for display.

"Logan House Coffee" is super packed and one of the first businesses to open.

The developers have a truly exciting vision for the two-story marketplace. The 22 acres will feature indoor and outdoor activities and special events. I found their "Manifesto" written on a wall: 

"Welcome to Stanley Marketplace.
This is no ordinary marketplace.
We are a community of like-minded
businesses and people who believe
in doing things differently: Sustainably,
Thoughtfully, Creatively, with way more than
the bottom line in mind. We have grand ambitions
and we are guided by mighty beliefs."

We wish all these young entrepreneurs great happiness and success!

Next week I'll talk about the best fruit tart I've EVER had in my life from new pastry artisans at the Stanley Marketplace. It was sublime!

Images: Dick Gentry, Stanley Marketplace

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  1. Dick, As always, a very relevant, interesting, informative article and this time, it's about a place in our own backyard! So great to see you writing and taking photos of things everyone will be interested in.