Thursday, July 6, 2017


The Girls enter their secret garden and begin an adventure. This is such a uniquely special time of wonder, exploration, and discovery.

This reminds me of the cover of The Secret Garden, the 1911 children's novel by Francis Hodgson Burnett. Haven't we all had experiences of exploring our own "secret gardens" in our lives?

This is their special place.

"Let's see where this goes."

"Follow me!"

"Oh, these are so beautiful!"

"I found a great rock!"

We are at the wonderful Betty Ford Alpine Gardens in Vail, Colorado, the world's highest botanical garden at 8200'.

The Girls LOVE the purple Siberian Iris.

Waterfall fascination.

"These are so nice!"

The Girls feel energized from their exploration of the secret garden.

This IS the moment! I want to encapsulate this image forever with all its joy, energy, and youth. 

Images: Dick Gentry (Not to be reproduced or shared.)


  1. Absolutely precious. Innocence and Curiosity at its best.

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