Friday, October 27, 2017


"CYCLESPEED TOURS" was without question the best and most luxurious bike tour experience I have ever had! My friend, Philippe Auzas, and I were treated like cycling royalty with fabulous routes on the gorgeous island of Mallorca. I'm checking out my Specialized Tarmac bike with Sram Red eTap shifting, with Andrew Bernard, Cyclespeed's owner. 

Marla watches as we start our first day's ride from our hotel. She and Philippe's wife, Kathy, enjoyed sightseeing and luxuriating at the hotel while we were riding. I love having only one hotel to base out of rather the normal 3 or 4 like most tour companies. Their van took us to various starting points for most of the 4 days of riding. Oh, did I mention, there were only 2 of us on the tour along with 2 guides and a van for support? We felt very special indeed!

Our base hotel was the luxurious 5-star Castillo Son Vida.

Marla loved our room with a gorgeous view of Palma and the ocean below. All dinners were included with a Michelin 2-star and a 1-star restaurant being the highlights. I'll post blogs soon on the fabulous and surprising cuisine of Mallorca.

The weather at the end of September was perfect for cycling. The island is very popular with cyclists primarily from Britain and Germany. Over 300,000 cyclists a year come to Mallorca to ride. Tour de France winner, Chris Froome, and his SKY team hold training camps here in the winter.

I'm ready and psyched for day two!

Andrew took us on beautiful up and down roads on the Southwest coast near Estellencs and Banyabufar. 

Andrew Bernard and his chief guide, Jean Sebastien Abbal, come from an elite racing background and are amazingly fit! They were very accommodating to our level and abilities.  Andrew was continually riding up and back, checking on our progress and making sure we were Ok. He is very competitive and would chase any cyclists who passed us. 

We stopped for coffee near Estellencs and to enjoy the fabulous view.

Philippe and  I take a break to admire the coastline.

Mallorca has over 50 ancient coastal watchtowers, or Torres, dating from the 1500's. They were used to watch for Muslim pirates sailing the seas of the Mediterranean. If pirates were spotted they would lite fires as warnings.

I'm heading up a hill.

I spotted this old "Finca", or land with an old house, on the route.

Marla loved touring Palma and surroundings. Her favorite was Castle Bellver in the foreground above.

The Pilar and Joan Miro Foundation was very interesting. Miro lived on Mallorca between 1956 and 1983.

We both loved swimming in the afternoon at the Hotel pool.

The Coll de Soller wasn't terribly difficult with an average gradient of 5% but it does have more hairpin turns than Alpe d'Huez.

After cycling down the Coll de Soller to the town of Soller for a coffee stop we went up the hill to Deia and then rode down to the beach at Cala Deia. Andrew took us to "Can Lluc", a rustic "chiringuitos" or beach restaurant, built right into the hillside. 

A pivotal scene from the great BBC series "The Night Manager" was filmed at ca's Patro March restaurant, across from our restaurant in Cala Deia. (I am watching it for the second time on Amazon Prime. Fabulous series!)

We rode to the enchanting village of ValldemossaFryderyk Chopin lived here between 1838 -1839. 

Jean-Sebastien was our road guide on the last day of cycling. 

The road to Cap de Formentor, shown above, is truly stunning!

Cycling to this beautiful site can be very nerve-racking due to all the tourists in cars on the very narrow road! 

The lighthouse at the tip of Cap de Formentor is majestic!

Cycling back to Port de Pollenca brought a rush of beautiful memories of my cycling tour in Mallorca. I love this magical island and hope to return soon. Thank you, Andrew and Jean-Sebastien for making our trip so wonderful!

Images: Dick Gentry (Not to be used without permission.) Image #24: Conde Nast Traveler.


  1. Wow, what a fantastic write up! Really enjoyed cycling with you both and your energy and enthusiasm were great. It's such a pleasure to share wonderful cycling with such keen and avid cyclists! Hopefully see you again some day. All the best, Andrew Bernard

  2. Unbelievable scenery Dick! You are braver than I by far!! I have never been to Mallorca but after your photos it will make it to my bucket list!!!