Thursday, December 21, 2017


The Holiday season is a wonderful time of year with traditions we cherish. I often have difficulty deciding on appropriate gifts for family and close friends. Do we need more stuff? Probably not. I'll share a few last minute gift giving ideas to help procrastinators out there. How about a gift of SERVICE? Surprise a loved one, a friend, or a stranger, with a little and are two unique organizations doing good for others around the planet. You give a donation in someone's name and the recipient makes the decision where it is going. These are also great gifts for children to learn about empathy for others and doing good things. 

How about a gift of EXPERIENCES? Gift wrap a card simply saying, "You are going to San Francisco for a weekend."  The choices are limitless! A Broadway play in New York City, a fun trip to Santa Fe, wine and dining in
Yountville, or,....New Orleans.

You have a unique and personal story so why keep it to yourself? How about giving a book about "My Life Story...So Far"? I wish my Mom & Dad and my grandparents did that for me!

Create a pictorial family history book with text for a gift. I made one about my Mom and Dad's family history with help from old family pictures, a bunch of research, and

Send a gift of a single wineglass. A cherished friend of ours gave me this gorgeous Saint Louis Crystal Champagne flute for Christmas. She has since passed away but I will never forget her thoughtfulness. When we have guests over we have them choose the Champagne glass of their choice. Much more fun than everything matching!

The wildfires in Northern and Southern California have been devastating! A donation may be a nice present for someone. Click on Charity for a good site to vet organizations helping those in need due to the terrible fires. 

A present of a great massage makes a superb gift of bliss. The above image of the spa at the Four Seasons Hotel in Chiang Mai Thailand brings back a favorite massage memory. Marla and I were in Thailand during a Thanksgiving holiday one year. During the morning I rented a mountain bike and explored Buddhist temples in the neighboring villages. After a few hours of riding, I had a 2 1/2 hour spa treatment. I'll never forget the fabulous massage!

I wish you all a most wonderful Holiday Season and a happy and healthy New Year!

Images: Dick Gentry, Four Seasons Resorts, Consumer Reports,,,

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