Friday, December 8, 2017


We were on a mission our last day in Paris this past October. I wanted to check out a store in the 7th arrondissement which used to be one of my favorites, Le Bon Marche. The creative windows of Hermes caused us to stop as we walked to 24 Rue de Sevres. 

My last trip to the iconic Le Bon Marche was before their 1984 acquisition by LVMH, the world's largest luxury brand company. LVMH knows luxury better than anyone with brands like Louis Vuitton, Veuve Clicquot, Christian Dior, Bulgari, and many others. Entering the store a very loud voice in my head said,..."WOW!"

Le Bon Marche was founded in 1838 and is considered the very first department store. It is a delicious visual feast of the exciting new and the past.

The Gucci boutique hits you with pops of vibrant colors.

Each floor offers interesting and unusual merchandise. I loved the assortment of live micro-environments inside bell jars. Each one was a botanical garden in miniature.

The entire store on each level featured products from Italy for their "LA FAMIGLIA RIVE GAUCHE" exhibition. What could be better than a beautiful mix of Italian designs curated by the LVMH team!

I told Marla,..."This is so you!"

The inner courtyard was buzzing with shoppers!

Creative retail today must offer something unique to their customers. This area adjacent to women's ready to wear, offers specialty embroidering, appliques, and other fashion embellishments. 

 Because Le Bon Marche was having an Italian exhibition it only makes sense they would feature sculpture on 2 wheels with incredible Pinarello bicycles. I truly was like a boy in a toy store!

The fantastic Pinarello F10S Disc had my name written all over it! I was blissing out until I saw the small plaque at bottom of the display! The price was 14,530 Euros! Yikes!

The Le Bon Marche catalog featured Haute furniture designs in eye-catching settings!

Le Bon Marche is very unique as they have a fabulous food and wine department. Marla looks at me across the aisle as I check out a double magnum of a Chateau Latour.

After our shopping exhibition, we took the Metro to a place Philippe used to visit with his Grandmother many years ago.

It is always a treat to discover new areas of Paris, even after over 40+ visits over the years! These are the gates of the Musee National d'Histoire Naturelle on the Rue Cuvier in the 5th arrondissement. 

The natural history museums were fascinating and I wish we had even more time to explore!

This is the "Gallery of Evolution" in the National Museum of Natural History.

We finished our tour on the Jardin des Plantes which was originally the Royal Botanical Garden.

Philippe told us "We are not finished yet!" He said follow me to the Bibliotheque National de France on the Quai Francois Mauriac in the 6th. There has been an amazing amount of real estate redevelopment in the area and it has become a trendy place to live.

As we were there during Paris Fashion Week, we saw many fashion shoots like this one in the Library complex. 

I hope you enjoyed our little Paris adventure. What an exciting and beautiful city!


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