Friday, January 5, 2018


I must make a confession. When I visit homes of friends and relatives I have trouble turning off my old home furnishing industry brain from so many years sourcing products from around the world. When I see a decorative object I immediately start thinking about where it came from. I may have a misdiagnosed curatorial malaise. I'm often caught feeling "the hand" of drapery fabrics. Homeowners generally understand. Allow me to take you on a visual journey! Let's start with this dining table. Under the panne velvet fabric is an old Edo period Japanese farm door. Bonus points for repurposing!

 Great vintage poster found at the Marche aux puce Saint Ouen in Paris. She purchased the Chinese red lacquered chairs from an importer in Northern California. Maybe I need to follow this stylish woman around!

This Ching dynasty Chinese noblewoman's skirt was purchased from the John Evans Jr. estate.

A lovely lacquered bar cabinet was inherited from a grandmother.

I love this large temple pediment from Northern Thailand!

 An eclectic and confident design sense is shown with the mixing of styles. An Imari plate is displayed on top of the 19th-century American oak china cabinet.

A Regency convex mirror was a gift from a grandmother.

 A carved marble Buddha from Burma and sourced in Northern Thailand.

 19th-century Naga from an old Thai temple.

 Love this armchair constructed from teak roots in Bali next to a polished petrified wood table probably from Java or Sumatra.

 A dramatic "Kina Lillet" vintage 1937 poster by Robys makes a great visual statement.

Great Chinese lacquered cocktail table.

 Rustic teak cabinet made from old carvings from Bali.

 I must find a way to bring this carved teak transom to MY house! Love the blue mirrored glass! I'm guessing it is originally from Burma (Myanmar) though sourced in Northern Thailand.

 1929 Roger Perot vintage poster purchased at auction.

Love this "pochoir" print for a Parisian interior in the 1920's,

 An old wheeled teak chest called a "gerobog or grobog" from Java in Indonesia.

 Interesting carved teak console from Bali. Thai teak carved panels sit on top.

 1930 French vintage travel poster above a unique Acacia wood console table.

 Stunning late 19th-century Burmese manuscript cabinet found in Chiang Mai Thailand.

 The top half of a "Kannon Biraki" Japanese Tansu chest from the late Meiji period with a fine 1945 vintage "Cognac Rouyer" poster.

 This Chinese apothecary cabinet is used to store jewelry.

Unusual smaller size Burmese lacquered "Hsun ok" offering container.

 This great floor lamp is repurposed from large jungle vines in Northern Thailand.

Images: Dick Gentry

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