Friday, January 26, 2018


 This past Saturday brought out thousands in Denver for the anniversary of last year's Women's March. It may have been a chilly morning but you wouldn't know it from the enthusiasm and comradery of over 50,000 women, men and children marching.  They were marching for JUSTICE AND EQUALITY FOR ALL. This was my first participation in a Women's March and when Marla asked me to go with her I excited to be there!
There were many voices and a  kaleidoscopic array of signs speaking of ending sexual harassment, protecting the dreamers and DACA, Native Americans issues, Black Lives Matter, equal pay and equal opportunities to build a better and more just world! Many marchers loudly denounced President Trump's views regarding immigration, LGBTQ rights, and abortion. 

These young girls said it all, "Girl Power We are the future."  I felt a sense that the old status quo relative to the treatment of woman had to change now and misogynistic attitudes would not be tolerated, especially if this group has anything to do say about it! They are energized, very political, and are a force for positive change. Watch out "old Guard" as these activists will be running for office!

This was a truly transformational day for me and I was proud to be there!

The march took place one year after President Trump's inauguration and was a loud signal of discontent and frustration. Similar marches took place throughout the United States, Paris, London, Sydney, Buenos Aires, and Madrid. equal pay and equal opportunities to build a better and more just world!
While Denver's total numbers were down from last year, Los Angeles drew the biggest numbers, with half a million people showing up Saturday, according to Mayor Eric Garcetti. Chicago organizers estimate 300,000 marched in the Windy City, a number greater than the 2017 count.

The marchers were young and old. They were white, brown and black. This a movement with a purpose! Many wore the now famous "P____Hat."

This was taken by Channel 9 News showing the throngs of people beginning to enter Civic Center Park.

You can feel their passion!

Many people carried the message of this sign.

So many messages and voices!

Seeing this sign made me very happy!

This is REAL news!

So true!

Marla chose this button.
Is a threat 
To Justice 

After the marching had finished and the speeches were over I reflected on the power of this day in Denver. Will things change? Will politicians listen? I really feel these voices will not fade away and will only become more focused and gain more momentum as the next election cycle approaches. These are fascinating times!

Images: Dick Gentry, Channel 9 News,

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