Friday, February 23, 2018


 I've experienced a torrent of memories since my Mom's recent passing. Images of celebrations, special places, and travels keep flashing before me. "Gigi" as she was affectionately called by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren truly loved being with all of her family. I've including treasured pictures in a celebration of life for "Gigi." 

She loved her boys! Scoma's in Sausalito was one of her favorites.

 Dancing with my Mom back in the day.

 She adored family gatherings. Love the "face-off" between Vaughan and Logan.

Thanksgiving dinner in Dallas.

My Mom and Dad on the left with aunt Shirley and my uncle Beebe at a restaurant in Orinda.

 We had a big gathering of family at her home in Pleasant Hill 5 years ago. My nephew Steven, above our daughter Lisa, came from Edinburgh and my niece Suzanne, on the right, traveled from the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. They are the children of my sister Patty who married her penpal and moved to Guernsey. Stacy in the middle was pregnant with twins. 

My sister Patty on the left with baby Suzanne on a visit to see Mom in California. Marla with our daughter Lisa. Mom dearly loved visiting Patty's family in Guernsey.

 2015 family party at our home in Denver.

 This is one of the sweetest pictures! Mom is joyfully watching the twins play with their Barbie Dream House last Christmas here in Denver.  What a trooper to fly from California independently at 98 years old!
 Mom (far right) loved growing up in Oakland and Alameda when she was young! She is playing dress-up with her friends with my great-grandfather Owen in the background. 

Mom was known internationally for her waffles and buttermilk pancakes! She was also one of the most welcoming persons I've ever known. Two young travelers from England, brothers of Marla's European tour guide in college, called her up and asked if they could come over for her waffles. Mom didn't know them but she checked with Marla and invited them over. That was who she was. The wonderful smells of bacon and pancakes on the griddle in her kitchen are among my most favorite memories!

 Our favorite dinners when visiting Mom were ravioli from Genova's! My brother Gary would heartily concur!

 Mom always talked about searching for the "pot of gold" when she was young. This picture is particularly poignant with the rainbow in the distance. 

 Hawaii was without question her favorite place to visit!

She loved visiting with Gary's children, Marlena and Kekoa in Hawaii.

 Fun with Lisa.

A loving memory of Mom and my dad. He was a pilot in WWII.

 We loved taking trips to Napa Valley with Lea, Marla's good friend since junior high school.

 Lauren & Kate are sharing a story with Mom and Marla.

 Samuel P.Taylor Redwood Park in Marin County was a family favorite.

 A family luncheon with Mom's niece Cindi, her daughter Gretchen, and sister Shirley.

 Mom welcomed all to her home. Alex ( our friend from France), wearing glasses on the left, stayed with Mom years ago and was fixed up by Marla with Chris (Ray's best man), now her husband. The rest is beautiful history.

My beautiful Mom!

A birthday celebration in the backyard of her home of 40 years in Pleasant Hill.

 She really LOVED a party!

 The Boys took good care of her!

 She loved all her family dearly!

Mom is with great-grandson Vaughan at Muir Woods. Each of our 4 grandsons took trips to see Gigi, learn their family history, and see San Francisco at age 9.

 She reads to Owen on a trip to Denver one summer.

 Being near the sea was her favorite!

The Boys look at pictures of their special "Gigi" at a Celebration of Life held at Gretchen and Paul's home near Danville.
Thank you for letting me share this visual journey with you.

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